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Bobby McFerrin - Medicine Music (1998)

buen provecho...

Album : Medicine Music
Artist : Bobby McFerrin
Release Date : 1990
Genre : Jazz
Total time : 00:50:13
Total size : 82,5 MB

Tracks :
01. Medicine Man (4:19)
02. Baby (3:02)
03. Yes, You (3:13)
04. The Garden (3:26)
05. Common Threads (4:16)
06. Sweet In The Mornin' (4:57)
07. Sweet in the Mornin' (feat. Voicestra) (4:57)
08. Discipline (feat. Robert McFerrin, Sr. & Voicestra) (4:40)
09. He Ran All the Way (4:05)
10. Angry (Gima) (3:45)
11. The Train (6:16)
12. Soma So De La De Sase (4:00)
13. The 23rd Psalm (dedicated to my mother) (3:08)

Medicine Music was written, arranged, and produced by Bobby. It is a very full sound created by overdubbing. The vocal percussion is more drum -like than ever. There is an underlying spiritual theme present, weaving its way from the beginning, "Medicine Man," to the closing reinterpretation of "The 23rd Psalm," dedicated to his mother. In addition, Voicestra, the vocal orchestra of his creation, sings on "Sweet In The Morning" and on "Discipline" which also features Robert McFerrin Sr. An anomaly is the electronically accompanied tune, "Common Threads," which was the theme from the movie of that name. It's beautiful.

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